Quince Orchard won the Maryland State football championship in 2018, but without facing the three time defending State Champion Damascus Hornets (2017, 2016, 2015).     Tonight they played for the first time in three seasons and the Cougars knocked and dragged around the ring with the Best Defensive lineman in the nation, Bryan Bresee (Damascus, Committed to Clemson)   and finally pulled away late fourth quarter to leave no doubt that they are the team at the top of the hill right now in Maryland public high school football.     Charles Bell (ESPN top 100 Safeties in the USA) had a couple of big plays in the game, but none bigger than a kickoff where he raced downfield and beat all of the receiving team to the ball to give his team the opportunity to recover a live kick.    They did and they cashed in as Marquez Cooper, capped off the drive with his 3rd touchdown of the night.    Quince Orchard in a matter of minutes took the 7 - 7 tie and stretched it out to 21 - 7 and put the Hornets away.     Damascus had a technical loss due to forfeit in their first game and now starts the season off 0-2 just months after having not lost in over three years and winning three straight state championships in Maryland.    Marquez Cooper became the leading rusher in Quince Orchard school history last night, scoring two of his TD's on the ground before catching one late in the game.   Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE here on and follow us on twitter: @joeball777

This team is so good, No one play them.

The story of The St. Frances Academy in Baltimore, MD.    0-10 in 2015 to 10-0 in 2016 in conference play.     2018, Not one team in their conference will step on the field with them.    Now their the number one team in the USA, playing a national schedule and attracting the top players in the country.     

DeMatha loses in Bellflower, but returns home to greatness!

DeMatha v St. John Bosco, Kickoff Classic, 2019

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